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Online personalization is an important development in digital marketing. It offers you the opportunity to offer visitors, prospects and customers a personalized experience through various channels. Technically all kinds of solutions are possible for this and we help you choose the right tools and channels. In general, for online personalization: less is more! Experience shows that the smallest changes can have the greatest effects!

What does online personalization deliver?

An important aspect for marketers who want to start with personalization is of course the ROI and an underlying business case. For this it is important to map out the benefits of personalization. These are quite different for most companies. We are happy to support you in providing the data for your specific business case. Of course there are generic figures about the benefits of personalization:

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Types of online personalization

Many marketers are talking about personalization when it comes to the website. It’s important to note that there are many types of personalization, also known as omnichannel personalization. Below a number of types of personalization:

  1. Personalization of the website: with this type of personalization, the website is adapted to the visitor. You can think of changing texts and images, but also routing visitors to parts of the website so that they convert better. This can be a known visitor, who you recognize from your marketing automation. It can also be an anonymous visitor, who you recognize on an IP number and then give an “own” experience. Based on the IP number you can segment by company name, industry, company size, geography and funnel stage, for example. External factors can also contribute to a personalized experience, such as the origin of the visitor (ads, referral organic, mail), place of residence or even the weather!
  2. Personalization in e-mail: another type is personalization in email. Within marketing automation tools such as Marketo and Act-On, it is possible to dynamically display specific blocks in emails to specific segments of your database. This way you can increase conversions by showing people topics they are actually interested in. You build up those segments by combining people’s profile data with online behavioral data.
  3. Personalization via chatbots: A third type of personalization is the use of chatbots. Here you can recognize people and instead of a generic message, show their own message very specifically based on, for example, their purchase history or link to a specific account manager in B2B.
  4. Personalization in online ads: did you know you can also personalize your ads? By building profiles, you can ensure that prospects only see the relevant ads with the right call-to-action. This can also be linked externally such as the weather for example. Then you can show someone a different message when it rains than when the sun is shining. You can also link location data (geotargeting) and make a link with, for example, Google Maps, so that you can show someone an ad with the ‘walking route’ directly to the nearest store.

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Because we have extensive experience in tool selection and work with many tools, we can help you choose the right one for you. For example, we work with these solutions:

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