Seismic: Marketing & Sales Enablement

Seismic: Marketing & Sales Enablement

Used by nearly 2,000 organisations, including IBM and American Expres.

What is Seismic?

Seismic is the leading provider of marketing & sales enablement solutions. It helps thousands of sales teams grow and win and marketing teams manage their content and find out which content performs best. The platform provides continuous guidance to improve behaviour, content and skills to win more deals and deliver better experiences. It is used by nearly 2,000 organisations, including IBM and American Express, and integrates with major platforms such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Google and Adobe. Seismic is based in San Diego, with offices in the US, Europe and Australia.

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More about Seismic?

As a sales person, why should I use Seismic?

Seismic stimulates the growth of your organisation by making the work of you and your sales team a lot easier and more efficient.

Your benefits as a sales person:

  • Right match: You and your Sales team always have the right content ready for prospects at the right time.
  • Sales automation: A large part of your Sales processes are automated. Can you and your team focus more on selling itself.
  • Insights: Your Sales team gains insights into which pieces of content do or don’t work for prospects
  • Alignment: The cooperation with your marketing colleagues will be even better, because it becomes clear from both disciplines what works and what does not. Thanks to Seismic, you will work together in a coordinated way to best guide the prospect to a buying decisio

As a marketer, why should I use Seismic?

Seismic is a breath of fresh air for you as a marketer, because now you can be sure that Sales is going to use the right content for the right person, and you get insight into which content contributes to winning deals.

Your benefits:

  • Insights: Thanks to Seismic, you know which content contributed to bringing in deals. You know which content – even which part of your created content – resonates with leads and customers. But also which ones are clearly not catching on.
  • Content automation: In a world of Netflix and Amazon, customers expect personalisation. With LiveDoc technology, marketers can now create personalisation at scale for their sales colleagues.
  • Content control: You can now be sure that sales is always using the latest version of the content on offer.

Discover the Seismic Platform

Watch this video and get an overview of the Seismic platform in just over 2 minutes.

Insights into content engagement

Seismic offers several valuable insights. For example, it is possible to gain insight into which parts of your content trigger engagement.


How can we help you?

We can help you implement and integrate Seismic. We specialise in these types of martech and salestech solutions, and implement them based on best practices. More importantly, we are a true partner who will not leave you to your own devices after implementation. Even better: we are at your side to help you become and stay successful.

Support & Success package

With our Support & Success packages, we offer quick support for questions and problems, even after implementation. We also help you to continuously achieve your goals and get the maximum return from Sales Technology. So you can be sure of good support and remain successful in your marketing and sales activities.

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