What is Salesloft?

The SalesLoft Modern Revenue Workspace™ is the only complete sales engagement system. It gives sales teams everything they need, all in one place.

Salesloft automates the manual tasks that hold you back and gives you the next best action to propel deals forward. Start and run your entire day in a single app while all your activity is automatically synced back to the CRM. Manage opportunities from creation to close and expanding strategic accounts.

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When is Salesloft useful?

Salesloft is useful when you want to exceed your goals at every stage of the buyer journey.
  • Cadence + automation: Guide reps through the sales process. Take the guesswork out of pipeline generation, lead nurture and customer renewals.
  • Dialer + messager: One-click dialing from anywhere with built-in live coaching tools, plus one-to-one SMS textin
  • Deals: keep opportunities from slipping through the cracks. Forecast with greater accuracy
  • Conversations: Understand the impact of sales conversations. Replicate the success of top-performing reps.
  • Analytics + reporting: Collect activity and outcome data. Pinpoint what generates the best results

How can we help?

We can help you with implementing and integrating Salesloft. We made it our business to know the solutions, implement them based on best practices, and -most important- we’re your partner on an ongoing basis to keep you successful in the ongoing journey.

Support & success daily support

By means of our success & support packages, we provide you with the certainty of fast support in case of questions and problems, even after implementation. But we also help you to continuously achieve your goals and get the maximum return from marketing automation.

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